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 Post subject: Fact or Fiction
PostPosted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:14 pm 

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Is There Really Any Truth in SEO?

Search engine marketing has really taken a bad rap lately due to all the scams that are present in the industry. How do you decide to trust and who do you decide to work with? This is really tough for anyone just starting in the realm of SEO. There are so many rumors to what works and what doesn't. I would always advise to do some research to really find out who is speaking the truth vs. someone looking to make a quick buck. Look for companies that are willing to give you 3rd party results instead of something they self generated. Any company can provide you detailed analytic and you can get this free from Google or Yahoo. I provide rank status reports from all the major search engines for your keywords. Most companies will not offer this because that is undeniable proof to know if your SEO campaign is working or not. I've mentioned this before but you can also go to to find out how your status is ranking. With all of this information you will be able to find out if your SEO efforts are worth the investment.

Time Line Expectations

This varies if you have a brand new website domain or have been around for a while. If you've been around for at least a year any real SEO efforts should be able to been seen within a matter of a few weeks. If you have a new website expect around a few months. Again this kind of ties into the sandbox effect but there are ways to work out of it faster with a good foundation. If any company you're working with can not produce results within a mater of a few months it's time to jump ship and find a new company.

Reports and What They Mean

Really any company should provide you updates or reports. Understanding them and how they work is equally important than only the ranking numbers. Things to consider are what keywords are more or less dense, clicks per month, rankings, average cost per click even if not using an Adwords campaign, conversion rates, etc. With a better understanding of these items you'll be able to optimize your SEO efforts and hopefully double or triple traffic to your site. This really helps to have an SEO expert guide you along with your marketing strategy.

Red Flag Warnings!

If you happen to run across any company claiming to get you on page one of any search engine quickly, run this should be an instant red flag warning. For obvious reason this is not something that's going to happen unless you have no competition for your keyword. This is simple to check. Type in your keyword in Google and see how many results show up. If there are more than 4,000 results then it will take some word to get to page one on the top spots. Most likely you'll find that your keywords are showing millions of results. This means a lot more work involved and a lot more time will be needed to earn those top spots. Another thing that raises the red flag would be someone telling you that they will list you into thousands of directories and get you thousands of links right away. First off if the search engines see this type of movement quickly they will investigate to see why your site is so popular all of a sudden. If they find there is really no reason then they will mark you as a spam site and black list your domain name. This is something that you want to avoid like the plague. Gradual and steady is the way your SEO efforts should look. The newest scams are also article submitters claiming 10,000 submissions daily to boost rankings really quickly. This actually does work short time and you will be on top. The bad thing is that the search engines are now getting wind of this and not only taking down your rankings, they are now blacklisting for this SEO approach. In recent publications from prominent article submission site they have shown exchanges between them and various other article sites with plans of action to stop this non-sense. A few have already added no-follow scripts onto all articles which only hurts the real people who want to be seen by giving honest articles. Only hard work and true SEO tactics are what work long time and I'm sure your hotel business is considered a long time business.

Thanks for reading.
Don Jenkins
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