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 Post subject: Fresh Content Non-sense?
PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:23 am 

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OK so we were all told that having fresh content on your website is the best and fastest way to rank well on any search engine. This has been repeatedly said from the lead engineer, Matt Cutts, from Google. I don't necessarily believe this to be true for a bunch of reasons. I'm managing a ton of hotel websites at the moment and none of them have had any recent or new updates in months yet continue to increase in the SERP's (Search Engine Rank Pages). The reason is due to my light back linking over the months. That's right I said light meaning only adding roughly 100-200 back links per month. I can usually do all of them in one day and all of my sites have jumped significantly.

So to recap, no changes to the website, not going crazy building links and ranking really jumping in the SERP's. Crazy stuff and all the keywords my websites are against have super tough competition. Most of which have roughly 1-600 million site results competition meaning that for any given keyword there could be up to 600 other competing websites. This could only really mean one thing is still reining as the most important and fastest way to rank well on any search engine, high quality back links.

So this all leads me to believe that constant back linking is the way to go and to forget about adding fresh content all the time. When adding back links it's important to focus your time on only getting the highest quality links. Again, it's not about quantity necessarily but rather the quality of the links. Of course you'll want to have more so to insure the highest rankings and for a prolonged period of time. I've seen many websites out there that have tens of thousands of links and another website with only 50 back links rank higher in the organic listings. How is that possible you might ask? It all has to do with the authority of the sites linking to the main website. For example if you have a link farm gathering one thousand links from spammy sites or from really low ranked sites with a page rank of zero or one then you'll most likely have wasted your time and money as these type of links have proven to do absolutely nothing for your SERP's. You are much better off by acquiring the highest quality of site links to dramatically improve your SERP's.

To back up my theory I ran a few experiments with using Word Press and blogging with only fresh content a few times a day. My results were very good using this strategy but required daily activity or else the site would fall just as fast as it increased. Over time all of the websites fell off the search engine radar. I gave this experiment a few months to see what would happen and noticed that my main point stood correct. After letting these website fall off the radar I started to build the highest quality back links and guess what happened? Not only did the website start to rank well, there was no need for daily updates. The website rankings stayed in the same position even when not doing anything to them for weeks. The end result means there is no daily maintenance, much faster way of increasing in the SERP's and a more prolonged standing for all the keywords.

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